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We believe in the intelligence and speed of the human body and its healing capacity.

We view injuries as puzzles to be solved, not boo-boos that need to be nurtured.

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  • "Rich is great! I've been having chronic knee pain for about a year and have tried so many things: rest, painkillers, physical therapists, massage, doctors, even another chiropractor and they all told me different reasons why it was hurting and different ways to deal with it and nothing changed. I saw Rich and in 10 minutes I had virtually no pain. I followed up with him 2 days later and since then I haven't even noticed my knee (in the best way). This is something I was starting to mentally prepare myself as the new normal but thanks to Rich I'm fairly certain I'm totally healed! I wish I lived closer and could see him regularly. I'm a retired professional ballet dancer who has worked with so many chiropractors all over the country and Rich is definitely the real deal."

    Lotsie C. from Deschutes County, OR
  • "Disclaimer. I'm an athlete, with very specific, occasionally recurrent injuries. I have seen many body workers over the past 10 years, and have refined my tastes to specific body workers who can meet my needs. Dr Rich knows his stuff. He helped to prevent my recurrent neck and shoulder injuries from taking over. His adjustments were unique, and confident. Many chiropractors avoid doing certain adjustments, and he isn't afraid to realign my neck with intention. I feel much better!"

    Trevor F. from Reno NV
  • "Rich May is the most comprehensive Chyropractor I have ever experienced. His focus is not just on the spine and hips, it is on the entire body. I can not recommend him enough. Six other chiropractors unsuccsfully tried to relive the pain in my back. He not only successfully treated that, he also fixed an old hip thing, and an old knee one that nagged from time to time. He is both warm and professional. If you have the opportunity to see him, take it."

    Lux S. from Seattle, WA
  • "5 stars is not enough for Dr Richard May! My experience at Blue Chip Chiropractic, has been excellent! I was amazed by the technique and How he can pinpoint an issue with ease. He is very informative and thorough. I am very excited about my amazing progress. Because I feel so much better since I have been going to Dr. May, I have been able to be more athletic, which is important to me! I am very thankful for being referred to Dr. May! Thank you so much!"

    Tina D. from CDA
  • "WOW.... that is all I can say! Rich is a very talented Chiropractor and his philosophy on the human body and how it works is unmatched! He truly knows what you need and makes sure it happens! He is dedicated to getting you back in shape. As he explains it is not a one time deal, but he can tailor your adjustments to you and your body! Loved working with him and see him as needed throughout the year! Thank you Rich for your wonderful work! LIFESAVER"

    Bryce L from Post Falls
  • "Dr Rich May is amazing! I thought I had done something to my shoulder that required surgery, saw him and it felt brand new. Being a volleyball coach I really needed my shoulder to be able to run drills properly and effectively, the next day at practice I was able to do so! He is the best out there! - Lauryn H"

    Lauryn G from Coeur d'Alene
  • "Dr. Rich May is unlike any other chiropractor that I have seen (and i've seen about 27). He is very unique in the extremedy work that he does, not just spinal. I am a massage therapist & I refer more clients to him than any other Dr. I know that when I send clients there they will have their issue addressed & come out of their appointment with improvement. Thanks you Dr. Rich for making my job easier!"

    Rose M. from Coeur d'Alene
  • "Rich is a Class Act with Superior Results! Dr. May was able to get results for a neck injury after seeing 2 previous professionals. Look forward to referring him to all the athletes I coach."

    Shawn VL from Coeur d'Alene
  • "I threw my back out and Dr. May is the ONLY one I would ever see. He seriously is the BEST chiropractor I've ever had. He truly is different than every other one."

    Erin E from Post Falls
  • "Dr. May is amazing! I was barely able to walk in, (lower back pain), walked out painless. Office staff was able to get me in same day. Two months later, threw my back out again and got repeat experience! Thank you Dr.May"

    Patrick M from Castaic, CA
  • "I highly recommend this place. If I could give it six stars, I would. Both my husband and I get adjusted and walk out with no pain whatsoever. It's literally like magic. NO pain. The doctor knows exactly what he's doing and he doesn't want you to walk out of his office if there is any lingering pain. The staff is so nice and you never have to wait very long to be seen. Excellent, excellent care. Do not hesitate to give them a call when an adjustment is needed. You won't be sorry. I promise."

    Barbara B from Coeur d'Alene
  • "As an accountant I do a lot of standing and a fair amount of shining a seat! I have what is called: "Computer Neck!" Each adjustment brings me back to 100% Dr. May knows how the entire spine and body make up is affected by human activity. If your search for a chiropractor has been difficult, consider Dr. May and his professional staff."

    Mark C from Post Falls
  • "I've seen a lot of chiropractors but none come close to Dr. Rich's services. During my visit he listened intently to my concerns and problem areas, then expertly and efficiently made the appropriate adjustments to my body. He was very receptive and ensured I no longer had any pain or pinching before finishing my session - if I did have any remaining concerns he made additional adjustments until my body felt new again:) He was especially good at addressing my TMJ, neck, and low back issues. I appreciated his precise adjustments that were personalized to my body. I will indeed be a return customer and I highly recommend Rich for any chiropractic services."

    Katie W. from New Port Richey, FL
  • "Dr. May is courteous, compassionate, precise, and efficient. I was visiting Coeur d'Alene for a 9-day acrobatic training at Avant Coeur Gymnastics and Dr. May came by to do some mini treatments -- I was so impressed that I went for a full appointment a few days later. He was able to give me mobility in areas that have been locked up for years, perhaps decades, and accelerate the healing of some of my current injuries. As my friend put it well, "Rich is magic.""

    Austin S.L. from Cambridge, MA
  • "There are not enough amazing things to say about this practice. He came to a gym to work on a bunch of us acrobats and fixed so many issues we had !!! He's so easy going and never has anything but a huge smile on his face. I wanted to take him home to Houston !!!"

    Heather G. from Houston, TX
  • "I would give it more than five stars if I could. Dr. Rich May is a rare find. He takes such a unique approach and is so intuitive with the human body. He is extremely gifted at what he does. I've seen him for all kinds of ailments from migraine headaches when I was pregnant, whiplash symptoms from a decade old injury, winged scapula, and the latest was a pinched nerve in my feet from playing tennis. I walk out of his office pain free, but also feeling lighter and better overall. Thank you, Rich, for your honesty, goodness, intuition and gift. I would (and have) recommended him to my own mother."

    Allison N from Hayden, ID
  • "I am a 60 year old triathlete coming off the couch and returning to training after a 10 year layoff from running and a 27 year layoff from triathlon. I have been experiencing recurring ankle and foot pain for the last several years.Not being able to run can be a bit problematic for a triathlete of any age. after several weeks of pushing myself to go 1/2 mile twice a week , I had the providential good fortune to meet Dr. Rich. The day after being adjusted I ran 2 miles nonstop and pain free followed by 5- 30 sec hill bursts at speed. Thanks Doc!"

  • "I had a serious head injury a year ago and Dr. May was so thorough and consistent in his work which was the only thing that kept me functioning for several weeks. I am priviledged to work here at Blue Chip now and get to see other patients victories through his chiropractic expertise. If I have a headache, I can't wait to get to work!! How many employees can say that!!! Thanks Rich!"

  • "What more needs to be said except I limped into his office and did not going out!"

  • "Dr. Rich at Blue Chip Chiropractic is AMAZING. I have been suffering with severe lower back and sciatic pain for YEARS and have tried several different chiropractors as well as massage therapy. The sciatic pain started at my sacrum and went all the way down my leg to my ankle. The pain and discomfort was constant and often felt unbearable. After the very first visit I felt some relief. Now, after only 4 visits to Dr. Rich the improvement is unbelievable. I still have some pain and discomfort, but it is nowhere near where it was and has been for years. I am so excited and finally see some light at the end of the tunnel in returning to a life where I can be active and and pain free. I could not recommend a better chiropractor."

  • "Dr May saw my daughter during a gymnastics competition and was able to identify many small areas needed for adjustment. I was able to see a change in the before and after movements. He explained with great clarity and I could actually see the muscles engage differently after each adjustment. Her foot was identified and he was able to detect a previous injury and identified sleep habits with bent knees which affected her hips not squaring up during gymnastic events. The best part was the advice and some strategies to start changing muscle memory and try to create a healthier balance with her alignment. Wish we lived closer to see him regularly to maintain optimal balance in my daughters health. Will be back as soon as possible. "

    Bonnie M. from Priddis, Canada
  • "Rich, Thank you for fixing me. You also helped me with some valuable information regarding my issue. I appreciate the time you took to hear what I was dealing with and not just jump in to try and fix what you thought might be the problem. I wish more Dr.'s would listen and ask more questions as you did. My gymnast also appreciated your wisdom. Thanks again for your time."

    Bob M. from Valencia, CA