about our chiropractic office Coeur d'Alene, ID
Athletic Enhancement and Performance (AE&P), Injury Treatment, Motor Vehicle Accident, Workers Compensation, Chronic Pain, Gymnastics AE&P, Mixed-Martial Arts AE&P, Full-Spectrum Triathlete and Weekend Warrior AE&P, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball Player AE&P, Proper/Perfect Biomechanics, Muscle Firing Patterns, Restoration; getting all the forlorn, “never-been-the-same-post-injury” athletes BACK to their pre-injury status. Bring it! Bring it all!

We view injuries as puzzles to be solved, not boo-boos that need to be nurtured. We are very nice people, so if you need, we do hold hands 🙂 We believe in the intelligence and speed of the human body and its healing capacity. When we figure out how your healing process has been disrupted, beyond the obvious, most people are astonished by how quickly they can become well. We live for that.

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