Our Work Is Different

I was as a social function and was gratified to hear from somebody, “Oh, you’re Dr. May! I’ve heard so many good things about you!” You can imagine my head began to swell a bit (perhaps a lot), and she said she would love to bring in her daughter, who is a college athlete. She wasn’t injured, but did have achy knees and shoulders. This is the rest of our conversation:

“Sounds great! Athletes love the type of work that I do. Bring her in!” She responded,

“Well, she’s going to college late next week.”

“Okay, sweet! We can likely get her in this week, and perhaps a follow-up next week.”

“Nooo, It will take many visits before she will get the benefit.”

“Not with the style of work that I do. You did hear that I’m different, right?”

“I know how chiropractic works. It won’t be enough visits for there to make a difference. She’s going to school late next week.”

She was either dreadfully misinformed or had previous experience with a different style of chiropractic that does actually require many adjustments over time. I was feeling defensive about my work and tried to gently explain the Blue Chip Method, but realized I sounded like I was begging her to come in. So I left her with warm wishes.

See, I have many patients (usually it’s the athletes) who come in *once* when they are sore, or for tune-up adjustments before events.

Yes, there is a measurable difference in one adjustment. Believe your friends when they tell you.

Our work is different.

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