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***We met Cynthia at our office on a Thursday morning, cameras at the ready! We asked her we could document/share her initial and subsequent experience with Blue Chip Chiropractic. She gave us a sideways glance, but agreed. And we believe she is happy with the solutions she found at our office. Cynthia is strong, determined, and inspiring. And I am grateful to be her chiropractor.***

Blue Chip Chiropractic is located in Coeur D’alene, Idaho. We focus on the bio-mechanics of the body and how the whole body works together. Chiropractic restores normal/peak function. That’s the whole idea. The message from these extreme athletes on their experience with our work. They’re articulate. And their description helps us understand better their sport and the value of peak function.

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I am a 60 year old triathlete coming off the couch and returning to training after a 10 year layoff from running and a 27 year layoff from triathlon. I have been experiencing recurring ankle and foot pain for the last several years. Not being able to run can be a bit problematic for a triathlete of any age. after several weeks of pushing myself to go 1/2 mile twice a week , I had the providential good fortune to meet Dr. Rich. The day after being adjusted I ran 2 miles nonstop and pain free followed by 5- 30 sec hill bursts at speed. Thanks Doc!

I had a serious head injury a year ago and Dr. May was so thorough and consistent in his work which was the only thing that kept me functioning for several weeks. I am privileged to work here at Blue Chip now and get to see other patients victories through his chiropractic expertise. If I have a headache, I can’t wait to get to work!! How many employees can say that!!! Thanks Rich!

What more needs to be said except I limped into his office and did not going out!

Dr. Rich at Blue Chip Chiropractic is AMAZING. I have been suffering with severe lower back and sciatic pain for YEARS and have tried several different chiropractors as well as massage therapy. The sciatic pain started at my sacrum and went all the way down my leg to my ankle. The pain and discomfort was constant and often felt unbearable. After the very first visit I felt some relief. Now, after only 4 visits to Dr. Rich the improvement is unbelievable. I still have some pain and discomfort, but it is nowhere near where it was and has been for years. I am so excited and finally see some light at the end of the tunnel in returning to a life where I can be active and pain free. I could not recommend a better chiropractor.